Life… πŸ’”

Have you ever felt like life isn’t fair?
Yes we all know life isn’t fair but lets go deeper than the phrase……….

How you tell life your deepest secrets and the lies you told and the sins you committed, your fears and doubts,
Your dreams and aspirations, your hopes and promises…..

How you promised to keep a promise that you thought you could never keep but kept until life became unfair,
Until you had no choice but to accept lifes unfairness
Until you knew you shouldn’t have accepted what life brought but even ‘life’ wanted you to just accept ‘fate’ and ‘go’

How you learned from life and thought you would give back what you learned to life so life would be proud but you only ended up giving it to death, not because death deserved better but because life didn’t deserve anything close to better.

How you broke your wings which you meant to use to fly high but lost it in the process of saving life from falling low.

How you and life went through different shades of colors just to prove a point.
How you loved the color purpleπŸ’œ because of life.
How you violated the rules because of life
How you got punished, insulted, shouted upon because of life
How you got embarrassed because of life
How you never regretted what life cost you.

How you and life promised each other more years of kissing under the moonlight and the cold air of new years eve.

How life cared and went through inconveniences just for you…

How you worked hard just to impress life
How you prayed hard just to have life forever
How you prayed for life
How you treasured and pampered life in your own little way
How you helped life overcome its hard times
How life made you see the things you could never see…..
How life made you see that change is the only constant thing
How life changed towards you and had to teach you one last lesson.

How life taught you that never in your life would you give your all for life

And I asked life why?? Why life had to do these things to me

And life said because “life itself is not fair”. 😒
No matter how you want to look at it or run away from it, you were once a fool for life, but never again will it happen. 😫